Since 1996, Edel Communications has provided comprehensive training in media interviewing
strategies, speech writing skills, and public presentation techniques to thousands of professionals from
more than 60 countries.  Our clients have included CEOs, press secretaries, government ministers,
diplomats, and other spokespersons in the public and private sectors.

Our media workshops combine practical information with engaging learning exercises, such as mock
news conferences and on-camera interviews.  Participants learn how to be
proactive, prepared and
practiced -- The Three Ps of a Successful Spokesperson.  In addition, they're taught how to develop
media contacts; determine main points and messages, create memorable sound bites; anticipate and
answer difficult questions; stay on message; and shape the final news reports with the ultimate goals
of using the media to educate key audiences and influence public opinion.

Edel Communications' public speaking workshops cover the "Three Vs" of communications:  
vocal (voice) and visual (nonverbal communications).  Participants learn how to assemble
and deliver dynamic oral presentations for formal and informal settings.  Edel Communications also
shares proven strategies for analyzing audiences; tailoring messages; interpreting words; using vocal
variety; projecting the voice; maximizing eye contact; and using other body language to engage and
influence listeners.  Participants also receive practical tips for managing speech anxiety.
Edel Communications
So what do we do?
"All spokespersons in
government and the private
sector will benefit from
[this training]."
Excerpt from an Edel Communications'
workshop evaluation
"This is by far the best
media training I've been to."
Excerpt from an Edel Communications'
workshop evaluation
Gain the skills to:
    Take control of media interviews
   Create main points and sound bites
   Pivot from any question back to your messages
   Anticipate and answer tough questions
   Influence news stories and public opinion
   Attract positive media attention
   Manage crises and controversies
   Improve press relations

   Outline and assemble engaging presentations
   Add style to substance
   Speak in a natural voice
   Master nonverbal communications
   Bolster confidence and credibility
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Courtesy of Idika Onyukwu and Sani Mohammed
Courtesy of Idika Onyukwu and Sani Mohammed
"[The training program] helped me
make sense of a rather complicated
industry.  I feel more prepared for
live and taped interviews."
Mary Anne Stella
Southeastern Michigan Blood Services
Courtesy of Ukrainian Crisis Media Center